Here is… ANANKEN!

Hi guys!

We’re so excited to finally share what we’ve been working on for the last months. ANANKEN has born!

Creating music is such a big part of our lives, as you can tell by the ten years that Angel, Cristian and Marc have spent in Pareidolian (their other band), Sara with her musical work on Youtube and Arnau as former guitarist of the classic metal band Rose Avalon, we join to put together the different musical points of view and share those melodies and lyrics that were in our heads and watch them turn into something so powerful, is incredible.

The creation of our first single ‘Lunar Phase’ has been an amazing adventure. Ángel started playing with the guitar trying to get some cool chords, and he quickly did. In a few minutes Sara also had a beautiful melody. It was so organic, everything flew easily. Then, with Angel’s production and Cristian, Marc and Arnau’s special touch, we watched this new song grow into what we can share with you now.

There’s a lot of work in creating, recording, producing and signing a song, doing the photoshoots, getting everything ready for our social media… more than people can imagine. Having a band is hard but of course it is worth it, now we can’t wait to perform for you.

To end this first post we just want to say thanks to all the people who have made this unforgettable experience possible. Esther, thanks for creating such a beautiful art for our project. Sergi, thanks for your wonderful photos. And to everyone reading this, thank you. We’re forever grateful.