About Us

Ananke, intertwined with Kronos, were, in Greek culture, the forces of destiny and time that surrounded the universe, guiding the rotation of heavens and the endless passage of time. Together they surrounded the primordial egg of solid matter in its constrictive bond and divided it into its constituent parts (earth, sky and sea), thus provoking the creation of the ordered universe.


Ananke represents the personification of inevitability, necessity, compulsion and ineluctability. As well as Ananken, that arose from the union of apparently distant elements, such as experimental metal band Pareidolian with years of scenical experience, and Sara Sonder, a young performer closely related to underground music. They melted their ways in a completely symbiotic form, merging styles in a band that couldn’t carry any other name.


The band is formed by the singer, Youtuber and the influencer of Instagram, Sara Sonder (before Sara Layn), Angel «Aeolian», Cristian V. and Marc Castro, members of the experimental metal band Pareidolian.


Currently, the band consists of Sara Sonder, Aeolian, Cristian V,  Borja and Javier.